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Caro Pepe


Caro Pepe is an Argentinean street artist from Berlin with a very fine flair. When she conjures street art into the street scene of European, American and Asian cities, she makes walls and house walls a mirror of our selves.

While most artists probably try to touch people's hearts with their paintings, Caro directs her brush straight at the neocortex in the brain. For she sees the effect of her works of art, which also decorates paper and canvases in a very classical way, as a challenge to our perception. To give us the opportunity for self-reflection, she takes something away from her motifs.

Huge heads, small bodies, big eyes - but always just one thing. The painted one-eyed women break every symmetry. Proportions do not matter. This may not always please the eye of the beholder, but that is not what Caro is about. Some hate her paintings, others love them. But the main thing is that they trigger emotions. Because in this way they tell us who we are. Emotional expressions take place in the faces, that's why the focus is on the head, which represents different emotional states of the women.

We are supposed to fill the missing half with our ideas. As individuals we see the truth only one-sidedly anyway. Supplemented by our personal perception, an overall picture emerges, which however is only an illusion or at best a reflection of our subjective reality. And thus, at the same time an image of our soul or at least of what touches us.

Touch at least one soul.

Caro Pepe Eyewear

Caro Pepe's sunglasses are not only inspired by their polarizing art, but are themselves a small work of art. With a frame that frames the individual lenses in different colours, she has no claim to symmetry, but all the more to attention. The colour contrasts and boldly curved temples attract at least as many looks as the artist's street art.


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