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Damion Davis

Lines that linger

Damion Davis is a passionate artist who not only passionately creates music, but also rivalry when he goes up against other musicians during rap battles. Indeed, his opponents in the cypher are not the only listeners who are deeply moved when Damion Davis yells into his mic. His tracks can also be deep. The king of schemes has many songs in his portfolio that - contrary to the current trend in German rap - do not contain randomly strung together rhymes, but often deal with specific topics.

The "Global Ambassador" has travelled a lot in his life, which is reflected in his lyrics. Sometimes the Berliner gets into a boat to flow on the high seas and then is shipwrecked; sometimes you can see him jetting through the rush hour in uptown Manhattan. Yet this versatile musician is loud, thoughtful, silly, socio-critical, and never boring.

What began with freestyle sessions and open-mic events continued parallel to his university studies and is still an important part of his artistic life today. Even though the creative mind is also comfortable in front of and behind the camera, music is his favourite field, where he regularly demonstrates his acrobatic verbal eloquence.

For Damion Davis, music even has something spiritual about it; making music is a magical process. When he unlocks the door to the studio, it’s like opening a valve. When writing, he lets out everything that is on his mind. Moreover, this liberating activity results in something enduring and long lasting. In this way, Damion Davis succeeds in a balancing act where he breaks out of our fast-moving world through the lines in his music, leaving behind something of value.

Create to remain.

Damion Davis Eyewear

The glasses by multifaceted artist Damion Davis are full of his creative genius and accordingly feature many design elements. The modern Panto-shape frame is available in the colours of Havana brown, blue and matt black. A beautiful contrast is created on the temples with accentuating metal details and green inner arms, which - like their designer Damion Davis - is anything but ordinary.


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