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the Activist with Heart and Soul

Doing good can be so simple, you just have to do it. This is something Dan proves every day through his work, which not only does a great deal of good, but sounds good too. Not in terms of how his good deeds are presented, but because of what they involve, as Dan is an advocate for the unheard musicians. Much more than just one of the most important DJs, producers and event organisers on the Soul Music scene, Dan supports the great artists of bygone days who had disappeared from the scene or even been suppressed. For soul singers who lost the rights to their music due to oppressive contracts in the 1960s and 70s, Dan is not only a friend but a helper in times of need. Working with a lawyer, the Robin Hood of Soul Music (as singer Oliver Cheatham once called him) collects outstanding earnings from record companies, finally paying cheated artists. The friendships that develop between the activist and the soul artists have a positive effect on the whole scene. Musicians thought to be lost find hope again and fans from all over the world come to Germany to Europe's biggest soul festival, the Baltic Soul Weekender, to see their stars perform live at least once in their lives. Dan started the fundraising festival in 2007 and has been raising money at this and other events to support the artists he works with.

The artists include none other than Sister Sledge or The Temptations. Dan can also proudly count rap pioneers like Kurtis Blow or members of the Sugarhill Gang among the musicians in his network. Furthermore, many German artists such as Jan Delay, Smudo or Fettes Brot are part of the fundraising project. They partially waive their performance fees to help finance Dan's efforts.

“Dombrowe is a soul-saver who saves beauty from oblivion." (Christian Elster, Vinyl Stories)

Dan also attaches great importance to beauty in his sunglasses. The Dan Dombrowe sunglasses are an extremely elegant aviator model whose design stands out from classic aviator glasses. The double bridge, which forms a beautiful colour contrast to the metal frame, is particularly eye-catching.


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