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Flora Joan


Is she an artist? Is she a photographer? Is she an alchemist? Flora Joan is all of these but even more so, she’s a power woman. That's not only because all of these terms apply to her, but because of her work, which Flora views as belonging to the business of energy. As she sees it, everything she does is about getting the energy right. Not the energy from the electricity supplier, but the energy between people.

Indeed, while many people’s energy can seem to fade away at some point, Flora is permanently in the prime of her life. She flourished especially at a young age, when she learned about the spiritual, linguistic and artistic aspects of Daoism from masters in Beijing. During her inspiring time in China, where her aunt and uncle were studying traditional Chinese medicine, she learned the art of acupuncture and graduated with a distinction in photography.

As the child of a family of acupuncturists and especially since her experiences in the Far East, Flora has been mainly concerned with the flow of energy. Bringing good energy to the world is even a life goal. For her, its importance can be seen in the way people specifically remember moments that were full of strong energy or stimulating visual triggers.

Although this may sound complicated, Flora reminds us that it comes down to something simple: in the end, everything comes back to nature and we just have to follow nature. Nowadays, current society is full of many distractions from this and so real power is knowing what to ignore. Flora’s images, with their pure simplicity, aim to help us get back to what is true again.

The truth is inside us.

Flora Joan Eyewear

Flora Joan's eyewear also radiates pure simplicity. Their round shape stands for balance and their transparent frame reflects the clarity that is so important to Flora.

The Glasses of Flora Joan

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