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Julia Starp

FAIR PLAY und Fairy tale

When Julia presents at fashion shows it always looks good and feels even better - not only on the skin, but also in the heart. This is because the Hamburg fashion designer creates collections from sustainably produced materials that are also fairly traded. When Julia puts tailor's chalk and fabric scissors in her hands, sweatshop owners start sweating. After all, the "Julia Starp" label produces not only haute couture, but also prêt-à-porter collections that make sweatshops look even worse. While in the fast-moving cheap fashion you buy miserable working conditions for the seamstresses, in the fashion from Hamburg you can be sure that EU standards are met.

The designer is versatile, but can prove her sustainable practices. She struggles with the fact that sustainability today still has this "organic appeal". So, Julia has set herself the task of proving that in every design aesthetics and ethics are not mutually exclusive.

Her personal wish is that her customers buy her fashion because they really like it and not just for greenwashing reasons. Her wish for the world: more attentiveness when shopping and voluntary renunciation of disposable fashion.

Fair clothing off their own free will.

Julia Starp Eyewear

Another affair of the heart for Julia is the support of the Hamburg association for orphaned parents and siblings. In order to support it, she has launched "Fairy Tale Heroes - The Fairy Tale Book Project", the proceeds of which will benefit those affected. She will also donate part of the profits from the eYo glasses collection to the association.

The fact that the best fashion and the chicest accessories must be made of sustainable raw materials is not written in stone. But in Julia's sunglasses it is carved into the wood. Because where Starp is written on it, Starp is also in it. So the material of choice for the Cateye frame is wood, which has been given a turquoise finish. Colour also comes into play with the glasses, the variations grey and blue suit every woman.



1. Can you tell us a little about the eYo project? How did the contact come about and what finally tipped the scales in favour of your decision to become an eYo-Ambassador?

Ivana from edel-optics contacted me by e-mail and introduced me to the project. I was just on holiday in Thailand and thought it was a great idea! At first thought I could not really imagine what it would be like to be an eYo-Ambassador. Being able to create my own design is a completely new experience for me!

2. The proceeds of the eYo model will be used to support the Widowed Parents und Siblings of Hamburg Inc. again, which you have already supported with your fairy tale book project "Fairy Tale Heroes"? Can you tell us about the association, its work and why you support this important project?

Five years ago my best friend lost her first child Moritz, shortly before the birth. It is the worst thing that can happen to parents. The association Verwaiste Hamburg e. V. has supported her and her husband ever since. They offer courses, talk therapy and events to help the parents and siblings and show them that they are not alone. Nobody can undo it, but the "don't forget" is an enormous part of the association and gives those affected the strength to carry on.

3. You have chosen a wooden look for the design process of the glasses. Why?

Since 2009 I have been working mainly with sustainable materials and I pay attention to fair production. Wood is a renewable resource, but it has much more to offer! I have always found wooden glasses exciting, but personally coloured wood does not suit me very well. I have never found coloured wooden glasses anywhere until today. The strong turquoise is a cool and fresh trend colour.

4. Which clothes would you recommend for this model? Was there a particular look that you had in mind during the design process?

The sunglasses fit every season. To pastel shades like coral and natural tones, but also strong colours like red, orange, pink and blue. To black and white looks anyway. The style of the model is based on the 50s and 60s. The model is a great addition for cool, elegant and sporty looks, but also fits to classic business design. Graphic or patterned dresses that pick up the turquoise are perfect.

5. As a designer you set a high value on sustainable and fair production. Have you always had these aspects in mind or has the focus changed over the years?

With the founding of my label in 2009, I have always deepened and pursued the aspects of sustainable work.

6. 100% sustainable production cannot be achieved at present. What needs to be done to make it happen in the not too distant future?

I am not sure if it can really work 100%. Transport routes alone cannot be avoided, unless society buys and produces only locally. These restrictions are hard to imagine. We are used to getting everything by the fastest route. But as far as possible we should push this further and further and everyone should do his or her part.

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