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Toni Vegas


When you meet Toni Vegas, you usually have an automatic smile. It's enough that he smiles at you from across the street and you're infected. "Joie & bonne humeur" are probably the terms that best describe the French DJ.

Life is a joke. With his stoic composure, Toni doesn't take life quite so seriously. He knows no worries, but he knows all the more jokes. Of course, he is still aware of the hard times that every person goes through in life. He wants to transfer his positive energy to people, because as a DJ he sees it as his mission to entertain the people in the club. Music is entertainment - whoever listens to Toni Vegas has a good time. He himself has the most fun when his records spin and the party guests go crazy, when beats and heartbeats merge.

The fact that Toni’s career at first did not hit off quickly did not bother him. His love for sounds, drums and snares motivated him to try it anyway. That's how he not only learned to do it, but also learned to love it. Today, Toni Vegas is not a rock star according to his own statement: "I am just a cool guy who wants to give people a good time". Yet his words are more modest than his ambitions, because Toni wants to play on big stages. For this he would like to produce artists with whom promising projects are created. Every day he takes the next step, the next production. Toni believes in his dreams and never lets go - even when there is nothing to laugh about.

If laughter is contagious and music is a drug, then Toni Vegas is an overdose.

Toni Vegas Eyewear

Ein vielversprechendes Projekt, das bereits produziert wurde, ist eYo x Toni Vegas. Entstanden ist eine Brille mit Ecken und Kanten, die sich mit ihren scharfen Linien von der Masse abhebt. Mit dem Doppelsteg erinnert sie an die Pilotenbrille, doch ist mit ihrem geometrischen Rahmen viel mehr eine futuristische Neuerfindung dieser.
Der designübergreifende Mix des DJs Toni Vegas ist als Seh- und Sonnbrille erhältlich.


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